LINC-405: Winter 2023

Beginning Technology Skills
Foothill College: Winter 2023

Instructors: Kim Randall,
William Cavada, Gene Tognetti

January 9-March 31, 2023

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: For my VTA Clipper Card Bus Pass to be valid, Al Guzman made me take the 0 unit class LINC-405 "Beginning Technology Skills" with Kas Pereira in Summer 2021. Since then, enrolled in LINC-405: Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Winter 2022, Spring 2022, Fall 2022. For Winter 2023, William Cavada & Gene Tognetti did Skills Workshop on Wednesday at 6:00-6:30 pm. Kim Randall ran the Q&A Session at 6:30-7:00 pm. I've summarized the assignments done for Winter 2023. Fell behind doing LINC-405 assignments while composing On Number 46
(January 15-February 27) for my niece Elisa's 46th birthday.


1. Import HBO Video to Google Slides (March 7, 2023)
"Jeremy Lin doc "38 at the Garden" moves Linsanity beyond basketball"
(Now streaming on HBO Max, "38 at the Garden" chronicles that special
season, culminating exactly 11 years ago at a Feb. 10, 2012, game against
the Lakers when Lin scored a remarkable 38 points; & when Kobe Bryant
came on the court at Madison Square Garden, it was total pandemonium.
Knicks beat Lakers 92-85. This film is going to be about humanity. It's going to be about what's going on right now post-pandemic with the [anti-]Asian violence that we've been seeing, about minorities & people who are fearing for their lives in this critical moment in history.) (Trailer) (By Jevon Phillips, Los Angeles Times, 2-10-2023) (Jeremy Lin News Stories) Shared assignment with the LINC-405 instructors William Cavada, Kim Randall & Gene Tognetti.

2. Translate French to English (March 5, 2023)
On February 8, 2023, 6:00-6:30 pm, LINC-405 Zoom class Skills Workshop, Will Cavada showed how to import image "Concert" into Google Sheets; Translate text from Italian to English for Assignment #2.
I recalled a poem "The Albatross" (1857) that poet classmate Mary Fry shared with me when we went to Adrienne Rich's Poetry Reading at San Jose State University (1991). The translation Mary gave me was by Richard Wilbur. Will see how Google translate this poem. For importing images to Google Sheets, decided on two postage stamps— France 666 "Charles Baudelaire" (issued 10-29-1951) and French Antarctica C3 "Albatross" (issued 10-1-1959). Translation in Google Sheets

3. Download Images in Google Drive (March 2, 2023)
On February 22, 2023, 6:00-6:16 pm, in LINC-405 Zoom class Skills Workshop, Gene Tognetti showed how to import image "Photo of Aquarium" into Google Drive; Cropped photo; Resized photo; Rotated photo. for Assignment #3. Since Gene recorded Skills Workshop Session, I took screen shots, and downloaded the Aquarium image, Cropped image, and Rotated image. Around Valentine's Day, lots of comics with Love themes. My favorites were Patrick McDonnell's musings on love extended for 7 days (Feb. 12-18). Found comics published February 18 with Earl the Dog running happily in a snowy background, and "Love is" overhead. When I saw the image of Swans forming a Valentine Heart— that's Love!

4. Import Image to Google Docs (March 8, 2023)
"March Fourth" was a special date since it's a homonym for "March Forth"—
the only date of the year that's a sentence on the calendar. To celebrate this
"day of action", wrote the poem "March Fourth Sonnet". Took two screen
shots of poem & assembled them as an image "MarchFourthSonnet(540x780).jpg".
Imported this image to Google Docs. Captions were shortened for the four images—
Robin Singing, Spring Geese, Jupiter & Mars, Leaping Dancer, and web links
were not done as was in HTML version.

5. Import Video & Text to Google Docs (March 11, 2023)
After seeing the video of an alligator tearing through a metal fence in Florida, Decided to place "Alligator Sonnet" in Google Docs. Image of "Alligator bending metal fence in Florida" imported to Google Docs; Link to YouTube Video; Trouble finding text box to type 14-line sonnet; Used Footnotes to import the text. Erased "1" in Footnote in Adobe Photoshop Took screen shots of "AlligatorSonnet-Top" & "AlligatorSonnet-Bottom"; Assembled together to form AlligatorSonnet-GoogleDoc(682x800).jpg Was easier doing this project in HTML version.

6. Import Video & Text to Google Slides (March 12, 2023)
After seeing the video of a lion and elephant at the well in South Africa, wrote the poem "Lion & Elephant at the Well". Took screen shots to find 5 images for poem— Lion & Elephant at Well; Lion at Well as Elephant Approaches; Elephant Drinks at Well: Elephant Sprays Water at Lion; Elephant Chases Lion Away with Trumpeting Roar. First stanza: This is a modern South African tale— / of Lion & Elephant by a drinking well. / Lion is regarded as the jungle king— / let's see what this encounter will bring? HTML version.

7. Resumé Templates in Google Docs (March 14, 2023)
On Wednesday, March 8 LINC-405 Skills Workshop, Will Cavada showed how to use the four templates to create a Resumé (6:00-6:30 pm). I followed their directions in placing my Experience (Foothill College as Consultant & Instructor; Worcestor Polytecnic Institute as Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Brandeis University as Senior Research Associate); Education Background (B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Columbis School of Engineering; Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Cornell University), Skills (Attention to Detail, Continuous Improvement, Research & Development); Awards (Bronze Poetry Plaque "Valentine Mints"
at Ferry Building, San Francisco); I've combined my love for Proteins (language of life) and Poetry (language of the human heart) on my website to share insights & illumination in every day life. HTML version has photo & web links.

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