Platonic Lambda Λ Arches on
Mary Avenue Bridge, Cupertino, CA

Mary Avenue Bridge

Beautiful— Mary Avenue Bridge
spanning across Interstate 280 from
Cupertino north to Sunnyvale, renamed
Don Burnett Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge.

At the south entrance by Meteor Drive
you would love Larry Shank's sculptures—
Red-Tailed Hawk perched on top of a post
ready to pounce on the baby quails below.

"S" sign on sidewalk leading to the bridge
which Rudy surmised to stand for "South".
Al drove us to north end on Homestead Road
where we searched for the "N" sign to no avail.

I recalled Confucius in Lunyu 7.8—
"If I hold up one corner and a student
cannot come back with the other three,
I no longer go on with my lesson."

Based on our actions searching for "N" sign,
Confucius would not accept Rudy and me
as his students, since knowing the "South" sign,
the other three are known— North, East, & West.

Al showed me the bridge lit up at night
driving northward on Highway 85
parallel to Mary Avenue Bridge glowing
sparkling dazzling diamonds in the dark.

Al said "Isn't it beautiful?" I sighed "Yes!"
Later, I recalled Robert Lax's "Poem 27"—
"Life is not holy because it is beautiful.
It is beautiful because it is holy."

With Platonic Lambda Λ shape arches
and number 55 "Soul of the Universe" in
its address & zip code, Mary Ave Bridge
is beautiful because its soul is holy.

          Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 4-13-2015