William Blake's
Ancient of Days (1794)

Platonic Lambda Branch in Pepper Tree
on Montebello Avenue, Mountain View

Albrecht Dürer's
Melencolia I (1514)

A Pepper Tree Stops Me Cold

Running down Montebello Ave to catch
Bus #40 on Rengstorff Ave in Mountain View,
a Pepper Tree stops me cold— Taking off

my backpack, I get the camera to take
a photo of this unusual branch bent
sharply to form the Greek letter lambda Λ.

Is this tree honoring the mountain-shape
on the street where it lives, for Montebello
means "beautiful mountain" or perhaps

it's the compass held by that Angel in
Dürer's Melencolia I, or Blake's God
creating the world in Ancient of Days?

I run my finger along this branch gently,
pause and pray to the Platonic Lambda—
Soul of the Universe for its blessings.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 7-20-2014

Montebello Ave Signpost

Pepper Tree on Montebello Ave