"Wisdom Mudra & Einstein"
WPI Seminar (January 1980)
Top Athletes with
Wisdom Mudra Pose

By Peter Y. Chou

Gyan Mudra
Chin Mudra

Preface: When teaching "The Wisdom Mudra & Albert Einstein" at WPI (January 14-16, 1980), had 12 photos showing Einstein in wisdom mudra pose; Doubled Einstein mudra photos in 2015, but lost my USB on 8-28-2016, with those jpg images. After reading Mercury News article (4-15-2023) on Klay Thompson, noticed he has wisdom mudra posture in his hands: 2-11-2023; 12-2-2022;
6-30-2019; 8-20-2018. Gathered wisdom mudra posture in other famous athletes— 1) Steph Curry (5-1-2021) vs Houston Rockets;
2) Larry Bird, Boston Celtics, 3x NBA Champion; 3) Sandy Koufax, Brooklyn Dodgers, 4 No-Hitters; 4) Jack Nicklaus, 18 Golf Championships; 5) Tom Brady, Quarterback, 7x Super Bowl Champion; 6) Steve Young, Quarterback, 3x Super Bowl Champion.
Here are 31 photos of athletes in the wisdom mudra pose.

Klay Thompson of Golden Gate Warriors

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson

Basketball Players with Wisdom Mudra Pose

Steve Curry (6-13-2017)
against Houston Rockets
4x NBA Champions

Larry Bird
Boston Celtics
3x NBA Champions

Kevin McHale
Boston Celtics
3x NBA Champions

Jeremy Lin
New York Knicks
"38 at the Garden"

George Mikan
Minneapolis Lakers
2x NBL Champions

Baseball Players with Wisdom Mudra Pose

Sandy Koufax
Brooklyn & LA Dodgers
4x MLB Champions & 4 No-Hitters

Yogi Berra
New York Yankees
13x MLB Champions

Hank Aaron
Boston & Atlanta Braves
Career Homer King 715

Mickey Mantle
New York Yankees
7x MLB Champions

Roger Hornsby
St. Louis Cardinals
(Batting .424 in 1924)
7x NL Batting Champ

Grover Cleveland
, Phillies,
Cubs, Cardinals
Career 90 Shutouts

Joe DiMaggio
New York Yankees
9x MLB Champions
56 game hitting streak

Football & Soccer Players with Wisdom Mudra Pose

John Elway
Denver Broncos
2x NFL Champions

Steve Young
San Francisco 49ers
3x NFL Champions

Tom Brady
NE Patriots & Bucaneers
7x NFL Champions

Brazil Santos
1958 World Cup

Olympics Gold Medalists with Wisdom Mudra Pose

Nadia Comaneci
Romania Gymnast
Olympic Gold 1976, 1980

Mary Lou Retton
American Gymnast
Olympic Gold 1984

Sonja Henie
Norwegian Figure Skater
Olympics Gold 1932, 1936

Tara Lipinski
American Figure Skater
Olympic Gold 1998

Tennis, Golf Players, Runners, Boxers with Wisdom Mudra Pose

Roger Federer
Swiss Tennis Player
20 Major Titles

Jack Nicklaus
American Golfer
18 Major Championships

Bill Rodgers
3x Boston
Marathon Winner

Muhammed Ali
American Boxer
12x World Championships

Swimmers, Race Car Drivers, Fighters with Wisdom Mudra Pose

Michael Phelps
American Swimmer
22 Olympics Gold

Richard Petty
American Race Car Driver
7 NASCAR Championships

Bruce Lee
Hong Kong actor
Martial arts fighter

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