Thirteenth Birthday Poem

                  for grandniece Sophia

Friday the 13th
is an unlucky day
those superstitious
would like to say.

Christ's Last Supper—
13 at the table
brought bad luck
like Cain killing Abel.

Buildings omit the unlucky 13th floor,
13th U.S. President: Millard Fillmore.

Bhagavad Gita on Brahma,
the Lord Supreme
in Chapter 13 points
to our higher dream.

13th century cathedrals
rising high—
as poets and saints
lift us to the sky.

Dante in Paradise<

Betsy Ross flag has
13 stars, 13 stripes—
13 bumps on
pineapples that are ripe.

Eagle with 13 arrows,
13 olive leaves
on U.S. Great Seal
symbols beyond belief.


At 13, Chopin writes
his first mazurka
while Beethoven
publishes three sonatas.


Emily Dickinson's
13th poem is on sleep
while Little Bo-Peep,
has lost her sheep.

Corn Marigold

Black-Eyed Susan

13 petals in Ragwort,
Corn Marigold,
Black-Eyed Susan—
Nature's Fibonacci fold.

13 petals Ragwort

Playing deck with
four suits of 13 cards,
first down in football
is gaining ten yards..

Baker's dozen is 13—
twelve plus one,
twelve signs of Zodiac
without the Sun.

Apollo 13's failed
mission in space,
13th wedding
anniversary gift is lace.

Page 13 of James Joyce's
Finnegans Wake
"Regally? The silence
speaks the scene. Fake!"

Wilt Chamberlain wore #13 in basketball,
while Dan Marino wore #13 in football.

Vatican 345 (1962)
Raphael, Faith

Vatican 346 (1962)
Raphael, Hope
I. Corinthians 13:13-
"now abideth
faith, hope, love...
but the greatest is love."

Vatican 347 (1962)
Raphael, Love

Belgium 1568 Santa bringing gifts
(issued 12-3-1994)
Santa is coming early on a holiday
to wish you "Happy 13th Birthday!"

Animated Gifs from

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, 6-3-2020