14th Birthday Poem

              for grandniece Sophia

Ando Hiroshige

Hiroshige's 14th Woodcut
on "100 Views of Edo"
shows Nippori's Temple
Gardens and meadows.

Edo Woodcut #14
Temple Gardens

14 lines in a
Shakepeare's sonnet,
14 roses in a
Easter bonnet.

February 14 is
Valentine's Day,
Don't let Cupid
take your heart away.

14 Juillet, 1789
Independence Day
14th Juillet celebrates
France's Bastille Day—
Delacroix's painting
"Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité".

Eugene Delacroix (1830):
"Liberté: Leading the People"

solid with 14 sides,
8 triangles and 6 squares

A Cuboctahedron
has 14 sides,
Otto Graham wore
14 with great pride.

Otto Graham
Cleveland Browns

Hungary B161: Knight
(issued 3-15-1943)
Hungary's 14 filler
stamp shows a knight,
Beethoven's Sonata 14
is the "Moonlight".

Piano Sonata #14 "Moonlight"
by Beethoven (1801)

Heliomeris Multiflora

14 yellow petals in
Goldeneye flower,
a 14-petalled Lotus
rised to sunshine hour.

14 petals Lotus

Canada 772
Dogteam & Dogsled
(issued 9-27-1978)

14¢ Canadian stamp—
Dogsled race in wintry air,
14¢ U.S. stamp shows
Chief Hollow Horn Bear.

U.S. 565
Chief Hollow Horn Bear
(issued 5-1-1923)

Emily Dickinson
Poem #14 (1858)

Emily Dickinson's Poem 14
is about her sister Sue,
Numeral 14 in Hungary's
stamp postage due.

Hungary J202
(issued 12-3-1951)

4 HRs in Game

Wins World Series
managing 1969 Mets

Gil Hodges wore #14
with Dodgers & Mets,
F-14 is the Tomcat
U.S. Navy Fighter Jet.

Grumman F-14 Tomcat
U.S. Navy Fighter Jet

Ernie Banks

Baseball uniform #14
worn by Ernie Banks,
T-14 is a Russian
Armata Battle Tank.

T-14 Russian Tank

Perfect Game

Perfect game pitched by
#14 worn by Jim Bunning,
Shirley McLaine starred in
film Some Came Running.

Some Came Running (1958)
McLaine, Sinatra, Martin

Sir Edward Elgar:
Enigma Variations (1899)

14 Enigma Variations
by Sir Edward Elgar,
Little Dancer at Age 14
sculpture by Edgar Degas.

Edgar Degas (1880):
Little Dancer at Age 14

14 Stations of the Cross
6th Station: Veronica
wipes face of Jesus
14 Stations of the Cross,
6th is a mystical tale—
Face of Jesus appeared
on Veronica's Veil.

Hans Memling: "Veronica's Veil" (1470)
National Gallery of Art

Cirrus Clouds
Highest Clouds: 15,000 miles altitude
Isaiah 14:14-
"I will ascend above
the heights of clouds;
I will be like the most High"

Vatican 388: Isaiah
(issued 6-16-1964)

Canada 3103 Milky Way Galaxy
(issued 6-29-2018)
400 billion stars
in the Milky Way
wishing you a
"Happy 14th Birthday!"

Animated Gifs from funimada.com

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, 6-3-2021