O send out thy light and thy truth
I am a flame, the son of a flame
mounted upon thy chariot-seat—
Let thy light come upon me.

Conscious awareness of prayer
on Pure One-without-a-second—
Master supreme in all the worlds
entering where there is no space.

Time is a restless flowing river
see what is eternal and divine—
in the celestial, nothing is ordinary!
the lake has risen up to heaven

with eternal blessings granted—
phenomena & Mind are one and the same.
The trees, the trees, holding to old holy ways.
Trees, trees silent in a pact with each other.

Express more, love more I never can
could smile upon the whole—
You are whole— you are one
Mystery behind unmanifest Nothing.

I who sought on high for calm
not even an hour of measurable time—
From the beginning not a thing is
there is no time, no space, no mind.

Whirling, whirling, round, round—
ceaseless action is the Universe.
Do not do as you have always done,
be in accord with the easy and simple

steps echoing from star to star
Love is the great work—
harvest beauty where it grows
and sing an if of days to yes.

The wind roars like thunder in spring,
which have not seen the sun so rise
after a goodnight's rave and rumble
the sun shines... It looks beautiful out.

          Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 3-11-2020