Meditations on 69: Beautiful music, do not cease!

I am the Radiant One, eldest of the gods—
Bright, splendid, like Dawn's light of heaven.
Let heaven and earth and the seas praise him
and give thanks before the Lord of Spirits.

Take the Supreme Mind as thy guide—
Enlarge my vision that I may see You,
Grace works its mysteries within the soul
blessings with boundless love and joy.

The correct principle is central and straight.
Nothing goes beyond it— Only this.
The awakened sage has renounced the world,
purified & enlightened dwelling with the gods.

They look into the beauty of thy mind,
remembered with what has gone before
of the deep rivers, and the lonely streams—
See, see that God is everywhere and whirling.

My whole head is a valley! valley! valley!
I am one with the twilight's dream—
through love I will be, you will be, we'll be
a mystery which will never happen again.

We are like the sun shining in the blue sky—
nothing deeper than our minds to call the stars.
Penetrate the eternity of the moment—
All things come from this source— the ONE.

We are thirsty for the heron and the lake—
Look within your heart, there you will find
my shadow comes silently to meet me—
my own shadow, a violin in its black case.

Stream of life dances in rhythmic measures
caught for an instant like a snowflake—
Sweet sounds, oh, beautiful music, do not cease!
burst in thunder of oneness— dream! joy! soul!

              Peter Y. Chou
              Mountain View, 8-30-2020