Seventh Birthday Poem

                              for grandniece Lilly

Israel 932 Creation

7 days for God to unfold his creation
7 stars in the Big Dipper constellation

Big Dipper Constellation
in Ursa Major (Great Bear)
46 light-years from Earth

Seven Days in a Week
Desk Calendar
7 days there are in a week
7 wise men were ancient Greeks

Greece 558 Homer
(issued 1-15-1954)

Seven Pillars of Wisdom
by T.E. Lawrence (1922)
7 pillars in the house of wisdom
7 electrons in the Nitrogen atom

Nitrogen Atom
7 electrons

Canada 85 "World Map"
(issued 12-7-1898)

7 continents floating on the 7 seas
7 leaves on twigs of red ash trees

7 Leaves on
Red Ash Tree

Sonnet 18 by
William Shakespeare
7 metrical couplets from a sonet rhyme
7 Wonders of the World from bygone times

Egypt 65 "Pyramids"
(issued 1922)

Hungary 1339
"Snow White
& Seven Dwarfs"
(issued 12-1-1960)
7 dwarfs dancing with Snow White
7 colors shining in rainbow light

7 colors of rainbow
(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) Newton's Prism

Musician plays
the lyre with
7 strings

7 strings Orpheus played the lyre
7 blessings from the dove to inspire

Czechoslovakia P19
7 Haleleru "Dove"
(issued 4-30-1937)

7th word in Genesis
is "Heavens"

7th word in Genesis is "Heavens"
Happy Birthday Lilly!— you are 7 !

7th Birthday Cake

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, 3-5-2020