Dante Alighieri

Poetry on Peace

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321):

Peace Citations in the
Inferno & Purgatorio (1321)

Edited by Peter Y. Chou

2 samples of peace citations in Dante's Inferno
5.92 se fosse amico il re de l'universo,
noi pregheremmo lui de la tua pace,
poi c'hai pietà del nostro mal perverso.
who rules the universe were friend to us
then we should pray to Him to give you peace
for you have pitied our atrocious state.
5.99 Siede la terra dove nata fui
su la marina dove 'l Po discende
per aver pace co' seguaci sui.
The land where I was born lies on that shore
to which the Po together with the waters
that follow it descends to final rest.
10 samples of peace citations in Dante's Purgatorio
10.35 L'angel che venne in terra col decreto
de la molt'anni lagrimata pace,
ch'aperse il ciel del suo lungo divieto,
The angel who reached earth with the decree
of that peace which, for many years, had been
invoked with tears, the peace that opened Heaven
11.7 Vegna ver' noi la pace del tuo regno,
ché noi ad essa non potem da noi,
s'ella non vien, con tutto nostro ingegno.
Your kingdom's peace come unto us, for if
it does not come, then though we summon all
our force, we cannot reach it of our selves.
15.131 Ciò che vedesti fu perché non scuse
d'aprir lo core a l'acque de la pace
che da l'etterno fonte son diffuse.
What you have seen was shown lest you refuse
to open up your heart unto the waters
of peace that pour from the eternal fountain.
21.13 dicendo; "O frati miei, Dio vi dea pace".
Noi ci volgemmo sùbiti, e Virgilio
rendéli 'l cenno ch'a ciò si conface.
until he had addressed us with: "God give
you, o my brothers, peace!" We turned at once;
then, after offering suitable response,
21.17 Poi cominciò: "Nel beato concilio
ti ponga in pace la verace corte
che me rilega ne l'etterno essilio".
Virgil began: "And may that just tribunal
which has consigned me to eternal exile
place you in peace within the blessed assembly!"
24.141 com'io vidi un che dicea: "S'a voi piace
montare in sù, qui si convien dar volta;
quinci si va chi vuole andar per pace".
as one I saw, who said: "If you'd ascend,
then you must turn at this point; for whoever
would journey unto peace must pass this way."
26.54 Io, che due volte avea visto lor grato,
incominciai: "O anime sicure
d'aver, quando che sia, di pace stato,
I, seeing their desire once again,
began: "O souls who can be sure of gaining
the state of peace, whenever that may be,
27.117 "Quel dolce pome che per tanti rami
cercando va la cura de' mortali,
oggi porrà in pace le tue fami".
"Today your hungerings will find their peace
through that sweet fruit the care of mortals seeks
among so many branches." This, the speech,
28.93 Lo sommo Ben, che solo esso a sé piace,
fé l'uom buono e a bene, e questo loco
diede per arr'a lui d'etterna pace.
The Highest Good, whose sole joy is Himself,
made man to be-and to enact-good; He
gave man this place as pledge of endless peace.
30.9 fermo s'affisse: la gente verace,
venuta prima tra 'l grifone ed esso,
al carro volse sé come a sua pace;
the truthful band that had come first between
the griffin and the Seven-Stars turned toward
that chariot as toward their peace, and one

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), Commedia (Divine Comedy),
translated by Allen Mandelbaum, Alfred Knopf, New York, 1995

Notes: The word "pace" (peace) appears 36 times in Dante's Commedia:
Inferno (5): 1.58, 5.92, 5.99, 23.107, 27.28
Purgatorio (17): 2.99, 3.74, 5.61, 6.87, 6.137, 10.35, 11.7,
13.124, 15.131, 16.17, 21.13, 21.17, 24.141, 26.54, 27.117, 28.93, 30.9
Paradiso (14): 2.112, 3.85, 4.117, 6.80, 10.129, 11.80,
15.99, 15.148, 16.147, 27.8, 30.102, 31.17, 31.111, 33.8
[Ernest Hatch Wilkins, Thomas G. Bergin, & Anthony J. De Vito,
A Concordance to the Divine Commedy of Dante Alighieri,
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1966 ].

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