Picchetti Ranch & Open Space Preserve
Cupertino, Santa Clara County, California

Hike: Zinfandel Trail to Stevens Creek,
Bear Meadow Trail to Pichetti Winery

Saturday, September 17, 2011

By Peter Y. Chou

Preface: On Saturday, September 17, 2011, my friends Al Guzman & Rudy from Foothill College invited me for early breakfast (7 am) at Cup and Saucer (1375 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose). Since Orchard Supply was nearby, Rudy bought a power drill at special discount price. Afterwards we went for a hike at Picchetti Ranch & Open Space Preserve (Map). I had hiked here in 2000, and today's outing on the winding trails was breathtaking and refreshing. There was a nice vista view of Stevens Creek Dam from the trail. Later we went to the Picnic Area where I took photos of the rocks and maple trees in Stevens Creek. While Al and Rudy went to the winery for some drinks, the peacock strutted out by the wine barrels and I managed a few photos as it went down the creek for a drink. After the hike, we went to AMC Mercado Theatre in Santa Clara and enjoyed seeing the film "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" (3:10-5:15 pm).

Sunburst Art at Orchard Supply booth

"Bird Cloud" at Orchard Supply Parking Lot

"White Dove Bird Cloud" (Closeup)

Picchetti Ranch Map Sign Board

Picchetti Ranch Information Board

Picchetti Winery Welcome Sign

Willow Tree near the Entrance

"Dancing Ghost Clouds" over the Trees

Half Moon in Sky over the Hills

Eucalyptus Tree by Parking Lot

Two Bay Trees by Entrance

Live Oak by Dry Pond

Twisted Branches of White Oak

"Four Dancing Ghost Clouds" in the Sky

First Wooden Bridge on the Trail

Peacock by the Entrance

Peacock by the Willow Tree

Peacock in the Open Field

Vesica piscis in Eucalyptus Tree

Closeup of Peacock

Peacock by the Willow Tree

"Comma-Shape Cloud" in the Sky

"Five Feather Ghost Clouds" in Sky

View of Distant Hills

View of Stevens Creek Quarry

Zinfandel Trail Signpost

"Feather Ghost Clouds" and Hills

"Dragon Tree Trunks Fighting"

Bay Tree & Dry Pond

Tall California Live Oak

Al & Rudy on Zinfandel Trail

"Comma-Shape Cloud" on Trail

"Old Hag" Tree on Zinfandel Trail

Fruits on Buckeye Tree (Aesculus glabra)

Arched Bay Tree on Zinfandel Trail

Zinfandel Trail

Twisted Bay Tree

Bay Trees Thicket

Bay Trees in Dry Creek

Al & Rudy on Zinfandel Trail

Al & Rudy on Zinfandel Trail

Y-Shape Alder Tree

Alder Leaves on Trail

"Cathedral" Flock of Trees

Cow Parsnip (Heracleum lanatum)

Wooden Bridge on Zinfandel Trail

Bridge View of Creek

Rocks & Bay Leaves in Creek

Fallen Tree Trunks in Creek

Heart-Shaped Tree Stump

Fence Wall on Zinfandel Trail

View of Round Hill on Trail

Fallen Trunk on Zinfandel Trail

First View of Stevens Creek Dam

Dandelion on Zinfandel Trail

View of Stevens Creek Dam

View of Stevens Creek Dam

Y-Shape Trees on Trail

"Gargoyle" Tree Trunk

Maple Tree & View of Creek

Log in Stevens Creek

Bay Leaves on Trail

Y-Shape Bay Tree

Rocks in Stevens Creek

Log in Stevens Creek

Ripple Reflections in Stevens Creek

V-Shape Tree by Stevens Creek

Twin Oak Stumps at Picnic Grounds

V-Shape Maple at Picnic Lot

V-Shape Oak at Picnic Lot

Foliage at Stevens Creek

V-Shape Maple in Creek

Stevens Creek by Picnic Area

More Sunlight on Stevens Creek

Rocks in Stevens Creek

Rocks in Stevens Creek

V-Shape Maple Tree in Creek

Y-Shape Tree in Creek

Creek Trail & Rattlesnakes Signs

Bear Meadow Trail & View of Dam

Two California Poppies

Peacock by Wine Barrel

Peacock by Wine Barrel

Peacock by the Creek

Peacock Drinking at the Creek

Peacock by the Creek

Wine Barrels at Picchetti Winery

— Photographs by Peter Y. Chou, September 17, 2011

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