O wonderful wonderful
and yet again most wonderful!
I can't believe this—
dancing with Tinker Bell
not in Neverland but right here & now.
She's light as a feather when we glide—
an angel, a goddess, a princess,
and I'm flying— Dante showed me how.
Like wind we sail across the deep seas—
promenade, pivot, corté, tango close,
swing east coast & west, foxtrot & waltz.
Suddenly I'm not on this dance floor

but somewhere on the shore of Schería
where Odysseus meets Nausicaa,
the most beautiful girl in the world—
natural, spontaneous, simply delightful!
Her hair gleaming golden wheat in the sun,
her eyes shining stars on a clear night,
when she smiles, all the flowers bloom,
when she twirls her fingers, light floods
my heart, and when she snaps them,
the whole universe awakes to song
and happiest of all am I
to be dancing with her!

Peter Y. Chou
Palo Alto, July 21, 2001

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