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You can beat all the grandmasters in chess—
But can you beat an armed Luddite— no or yes?

You get perfect scores on SAT exams—
But can you crack koans— the sound of one hand?

You can calm our children when they cry—
But can you cry should our children ever die?

You can say "Good Morning", meow and purr—
But can you catch mice and grow a coat of fur?

You know all the fish, birds and beasts by name—
But the wolf of Gubbio— can you train & tame?

You chant all the sutras without a break—
But can you dispel the demons from the lake?

You can repair our old damaged DNAs—
But will you toil for free without any pay?

You can pivot, swirl in sync, waltz and dance—
But can you stir up passion and make romance?

You have all the cloud names in your brain—
But can you spike them and bring down the rain?

You have all the museum paintings in your mind—
But can you paint a Titian and be so refined?

You can write poems and rhyme rice with spice—
But can you lift us like Dante to paradise?

You have read entire libraries it seems—
But can you sing to us your impossible dream?

                      — Peter Y. Chou
                           Mountain View, 8-29-2003

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