for Denise


In ascending circles
we rise to our spirit.
Darkness slowly turns
to whiteness of light.

We scatter handfuls of
the thousand-petaled lotus—
Such joy warms the heart
at love's perfect moment.

Buddha smiles. We receive
his blessings and weave
a wreath from the lotus
blossoms for each of us.

Being mindful is our
secret innermost treasure.


I ascend rocky cliffs to meet
the Sage of Elephant Mountain
his white flowing hair and beard
glowing in the hilltop wind.

He asks about my travels
and I tell him that climbing
this mountain is much easier
than tracking him back in time.

When I ask for some words
of wisdom, he says simply:
"The universe is my mind,
and my mind is the universe."

Your teaching in so few words?
He smiles and says "Yes."

    — Peter Y. Chou
         Mountain View, 10-2-2007

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