Imagination & Music


Crowded nightclub in Rome—
paparazzi staked out like
gunslingers ready to shoot
the famous and infamous—
Watch out or you'll be next
target for tomorrow's tabloids!


Waves rolling in from the sea
as I walk on the sandy shore
looking for a pretty shell.
The sunset is bright orange
in a haze of cirrus clouds—
Oh I wish Gauguin was here!


Cold winter morning in New York.
Busy sidewalks, city sidewalks—
I spot Audrey at Tiffany
and invite her to the ice rink
where we dance to the Skaters' Waltz
warmed by Prometheus' golden fire.


Summertime in Boston Public Garden—
the park's empty as they're all at Fenway
cheering the Red Sox against the Yankees.
I read Thoreau under the willow trees
then ride the swan boat around the pond
with the warm West Wind breeze on my face.

                  — Peter Y. Chou
                       Los Altos Hills, 7-8-2007

Michael C. Ford's Poetry Workshop:
"Integrating imagination & music"
5-minutes exercises to mood music played:
(1) What is the action taking place?
(2) Where is the geographical location?
(3) What time of the day is this piece?
(4) What season and weather condition?
31st Foothill College Writers' Conference
Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California

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