Friend— Wake Up!

Friend— Wake up!
Why do you go on sleeping?
Mahler's Frère Jacques song is
a funeral dirge for Old Man Winter.
So wake up to the Song of Earth,
the blooming flowers of Spring.

What is the new love
that opens the gates?
Read Dante's Vita Nuova
to learn from a poet
who has awakened his
beautiful woman within

for the soul must descend
to taste the inferno depth
of the dark before its cleansing
with light so the spirit may
ascend to the bliss of paradise.
Friend— Wake up! Wake up!

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Stanford, 4-9-2008

15-minutes poetry writing exercise
that Robert Bly gave to Stanford class
in his Workshop, starting with Kabir's line:
"Friend— Wake up! Why do you go on sleeping?"

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