What Is the Address?

            Nicodemus the sleepwalker is on his way
            to the Address. Who's got the Address?
            Don't know. But that's where we're going.

            — Tomas Tranströmer
                 "The Scattered Congregation" (1973)

Ask Giotto— he knows!
Einstein will show you
the way there too.

The Serpent can't forget.
Moses will remember
this place.

The Red Fountain at
Stanford Green Library
knows the secret.

When you find this home—
it is better than
silver or gold.

Sacrifice is sacred
action— Bring the rain
for our food.

Dante raised his eyes
in wonder to the
white pearls gleaming.

Ask Melencolia for
her compass to
square the circle.

Scattered desires
are not helping you
to center your soul.

Nicodemus— wake up!
The way is not out
but in you!

    — Peter Y. Chou
        Stanford, 5-21-2008

Robert Bly's Stanford Poetry Colloquium (5-20-2008)
reading of Tranströmer inspired this poem.

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