ABC Book for the New Year

A is for Attention— the first step to Awakening.
B is for Being— Be still and know that I am That.
C is for Consciousness— essence of waking, dream, and sleep.
D is for Dancing— to the music of the spheres we swirl.
E is for Enlightenment— for God said "Let there be Light!"
F is for Friendship— treasure this wonder above all else.
G is for Gratitude— be thankful for gifts that come your way.
H is for Heart— for courage is the center of action.
I is for Insight— from inspiration to illumination.
J is for Joy— even when deaf Beethoven's Ode was full.
K is for Kindness— more important than fruits of knowledge.
L is for Love— that moves the sun and the other stars.
M is for Mindfulness— this is the heart of meditation.
N is for Now— where everything happens this present moment.
O is for Oneness— out of which flows the ten thousand things.
P is for Peace— not absence of war but of desire.
Q is for Quintessence— the quest of the sacred spirit.
R is for Rain— the spiritual downpouring of heaven.
S is for Space— the empty canvas for time to paint in.
T is for Tao— The Awakened One is here and now.
U is for Understanding— more precious than rubies and gold.
V is for Vision— the inner compass that guides our life.
W is for Wisdom— the fruit that nourishes our soul.
X is for Xmas— birth of Christos, the Bringer of Light.
Y is for Yes!— be positive in everything you do!
Z is for Zen— beginner's mind doing all things afresh.

                                  — Peter Y. Chou
                                      Mountain View, 1-1-2009

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