You Can't Catch Me

You can't catch me snake-eyes zombie,
night-side assassins, blood-mask demon,
black water beasts, haunted hungry ghosts

for I'm the time traveler invisible woman,
the tattooed girl, the gravedigger's daughter
by the north gate upon the sweeping flood.

You must remember this— blonde broke heart blues,
perfectionist Dr. Magic, collector of hearts,
the poisoned kiss seduction, son of morning

high lonesome, triumph of the spider monkey,
the rise of life on earth, lives of the twins
nemesis, falls of fair maiden's stolen heart.

I lock my door upon myself because
it is bitter and because it is my heart,
all the good people I've left behind.

Bellefleur, soul mate, will you always love me?
My sister, my love, black girl, white girl—
where are you going, where have you been?

Dear husband, the wheel of love tenderness,
man crazy, them wild Saturday last days—
where is here?— that's where I'm going!

Miracle play— Cybele, missing mom goddess,
I am no one you know, faithless fabulous beast,
unholy loves the hostile sun solstice.

Starr Bright will be with you soon— I'll take you there
to the edge of impossibility with shuddering fall
heat foxfire, angel fire, angel of light.

I stand before you naked, my heart laid bare—
take me, take me with you, do with me what you will,
what I live for— first love, double delight, wild nights!

Little bird of heaven crossing the border
on raven's wing— garden of earthly delights
to wonderland of new heaven, new earth.

                        — Peter Y. Chou
                            Mountain View, 12-1-2009