Every Step You Make

You can't see the wind
but know its power
after Katrina.

You can't see the roots
but its foundation
makes the tree grow.

You can't see the air
but it's oxygen
that sustains your life.

You can't see gravity
but it's the force making
planets orbit the sun.

You can't see love
but feel its warmth
embracing all over you.

You can't see the soul
but know its presence
by its form and function

for every breath you take
every step you make—
It is watching you.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 2-5-2010

Alberto Giacometti
Walking Man I (1961)
Man walking by London Sotheby's—
the sculpture sold for $104.3 million,
record price for artwork (Feb. 3, 2010).
Photo by Carl de Souza (AFP, Getty Images)