Compiled by Peter Y. Chou

Preface: "According to the authors [Anna Bonus Kingsford & Edward Maitland] of The Perfect Way, the words Is and Ish originally meant Light, and the name Isis, once Ish-Ish, was Egyptian for Light-Light." (Harold Bayley, Lost Language of Symbolism, 1912, p. 278). This revelation led me to find numerous gods and goddesses with is and ish in their names. Below is a compilation of words with is and ish in them, many suggestive of light and illumination. Paris lived up to its name— the city of light, as well as Christ, Bringer of Light and Fisher King of the Piscean Age. There is light in bliss, gnosis, vision, wisdom, and in the midst of a kiss. When you wish upon a star, your dream comes true because there is light in wish. Tell me why you need to blow out the light of those candles on your birthday cake for your wish to come true?

Adonis, Aeolis, Anubis, Apis, Artemis, Attis, Aristotle, Acropolis, Amish, Atlantis, abyss, abolish,
accomplish, advise, aisle, alchemist, amaryllis, analyse, arise, artist, assist, astonish, axis

Bishma, Buddhist, British, ballistic, biscuit, bishop, bison, bistro, bliss, bluish,
bristlecone pine, bristling, butterflies

Christ, Christmas, Colchis, cellist, chemist, cherish, chrysalis, consist, crisis, crisp, crystal, cuisine

Dervish, Dionysus, daisy, decision, devise, disciple, discipline, disclose, discourse,
discover, discuss, dish, disk, display, dissolve, distant, distill

Eleusis, Elisha, Elisa, Eris, English, Eucharist,
embellish, equipoise, establish, exercise, exist, existence, exquiste, eyes

Francis of Assisi, fish, finish, fist, florist, flourish, foolish, frisbee, furnish

genesis, glisten, gnosis, goldfish, greenish, grist

Heloise, Heliopolis, Hermopolis, hibiscus, his, hiss, histidine, histone, history, holistic

Iris, Isis, Ishtar, Ishvara, Isaac, Ishmael, Isaiah, Israel, Isolde, Irish, Islam, Issa, ibis,
idealist, insist, invisible, is, island, isle, issue, isolate, isoleucine, isomer, isotope, I share

Jewish, jellyfish, jurist

Krishna, Kishar, Kabbalist, Kaddish, Kleist, kenosis, kiss

Liszt, Lisa, Thérèse of Lisieux, Louis, Louise, lapis luzuli, lavish, list, listen, lyricist, lysine

Meister Eckhart, Metis, Mishna, Marissa, miss, missing, mission, mist, mistletoe,
mistress, moist, moonrise, mystery, mystic

Neoplatonist, naturalist, noise, nourish, novelist

Osiris, oasis, obelisk, optimist

Paris, Paradiso, Pisa, Pisces, Platonist, Polaris, Polish, paradise, perish, persist, physicist,
pianist, pistil, pistol, poised, polish, praise, precise, precision, pristine, promise, publish

Rennaissance, Rhenish, radish, raise, raisin, ravish, realize, recognise,
reddish, register, relinqish, relish, revise, rise, risen, rishis

Sisyphus, Sistine, Scottish, Spanish, Swiss, scientist, seismic, sister, starfish,
sunrise, supervise, surmise, surprise, swish, symbolise, symbolism

Taoist, Thäis, Themis, Thetis, Tristan, Tunis, Turkish, talisman, thesis, this, tissue, tortoise, turquoise, twist

Upanishads, unblemished, unfinished, unison, uprising

Vishnu, vanish, violinist, visible, vision, visit, vista

Whistler, wisdom, wise, wish, whistle, wisk, wisp, wistful, wrist

Yiddish, yellowish,

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