Sage's Satori

Strolling down the street
he scanned faces of strangers
and saw their stress,
suffering, and sorrow.
What happened to that
childhood joy and wonder?
Where have they gone?

Walking through the woods,
each tree told their stories
opening their books—
the history of the world.
In this time machine
he witnessed history
not as past reenactments
but the events themselves.

Nature played its symphony—
buzzing of a bee
chirping of crickets
sprinkling of rain
tinkling of a bell
croaking of frogs
and trumpeting of an elephant.

Songs of birds became clear
to him as they did to Attar
when he wrote that tale
Conference of the Birds
O Hoopoe, guide us through
the Sacred Hoop so we may
fly with you to paradise.

Clouds too unveiled their
secret journey from sea to sky
and back again, an eternal return
not as waves in their rise and fall
not finding the kingdom of water
but looking within to discover
their true essence as H2O—
then doubt disappears
as well as the fear of death.
May this be a lesson for us—
focus less on matter & body
and more on spirit & soul.

At last we know why plucking
a single flower will move
a distant star, for we're all
connected to that Net of Indra—
each of us a jewel, an atom reflecting
every other atom in this myriad matrix
of space-time in a universe
without beginning or end.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 2-8-2010