Giacometti's Walking Man

Giacometti's Walking Man
sold for $104 million dollars—
new record for an artwork.
Frenzied bidding at Sotheby's
for this life-size bronze
by the Swiss sculptor.

What's so special about
this thin torso, such an
image of airy lightness
bringing the bidding to
such stratospheric heights?

Ah! those matchstick legs
spread out like an upside
down V in the shape of
the Platonic Lambda—
Soul of the Universe!

No wonder the tycoons
all desired this treasure,
not even knowing that
Walking Man's stride
shows the soul in action—
something that's priceless.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 2-3-2010

Alberto Giacometti
Walking Man I (1961)
sold at London Sotheby's auction
for $104.3 million (February 3, 2010)