Beethoven's Autograph
from March 21, 1824 letter
Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, San Jose


Before the beginning all was black—
BOOM the Big Bang— burning brilliant
blaze of light— this universe was born
from four elephants standing on the back

of a giant tortoise. That's ancient belief
replaced by physics of a bare bubble
starting it all. For Beethoven, Bach
was an ocean and not a tiny brook.

The boys of summer play baseball
in Brooklyn's backyard while bluebirds
gather berries by the bay under blue
skies and babe sleeps in mother's bosom.

Genesis begins with the letter B—
Bereshith as in baby and birth.
Beth, the boundless bowl of being
blossoming with beauty and blessings.

                    Peter Y. Chou
                    Mountain View, 2-6-2011