Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911)
Quest of the Holy Grail (1895)
Boston Public Library


Is God best found on top of a hill?
Many make pilgrimages there to find
gurus who teach the art to be still
so they will experience cosmic mind.

If the kingdom of heaven is within
why waste so much energy to climb
up, up, and up from vale to mountain?
Just relax right here and save your time.

The river is lord of ten thousand
mountain streams because it stays below
them, so sages remain at the lowland
drinking tea in a hut by the willows.

Perceval knew this well and pierced the vale
of darkness with white light and found the Grail.

                    Peter Y. Chou
                    Mountain View, 2-2-2011
                    Feast of Candlemas Day

Notes: http://www.wisdomportal.com/Poems2011/Notes-ValleyLight.html