Geoff Martin, Burgundian Vineyard
Geoff Martin Photograph (2009)


Matterhorn, K2, Everest: he has scaled
them all, but there is one vast peak
he'll never reach no matter how hard
he tries— call it waters of Night or
a mirage— the more he approached it
the further the goal receded from him.

Leonardo and Alberti tackled this
problem in their art, Dürer wrote about
it in his Instruction on Measurement.
This vision gave birth to the Renaissance—
parallel lines meeting at the horizon
at the apex called the vanishing point.

Here the road is a mountain laid flat
on earth and some call him a fool
going nowhere but he still pursues
his dream at the School of Athens
learning about the swan's whiteness
and mysteries from the master himself.

He sees the Platonic Lambda now here
everywhere— the soul in the center
of our face and in every step we take,
in flight of geese, the Pyramids, and
in Finnegans Wake on his lasting quest
looking for grace at end of the rainbow.

                  Peter Y. Chou
                  Mountain View, 3-2-2011