"Seagulls are thieves. Feed the sparrows
they need food too." A sage told me this
as I tossed out breadcrumbs at Lake Leman
some thirty-six summers ago in Vevey.

All the yoga lessons I learned from him
on calming the mind has not helped much
as I'm now seething mad at the bus driver
who came ten minutes late that I missed

the Bus #35 connection to Palo Alto
for Waverley Writers Poetry Reading
on June 1, the last till next September.
While fuming angrily by the bus stop

a seagull must have sensed the rattle
in my mind and dove down near me.
Is this Jonathan Livingston Seagull
bringing me some heavenly message?

He's biting on a giant potato chip
snatched away from somewhere.
"Hold it right there!" I shouted
getting out my camera for photos.

A bit embarassed, he dropped his chip
and ambled around it in circles,
entertaining me for five minutes—
stealing the madness from my mind.

He glanced straight at me, then flew away.
Just before my bus came, I ran over
and took a closer look at his chip—
but it was just a dried crispy leaf!

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 6-18-2012