Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
waltzing in Swing Time (1936)

I Love to Waltz

to honor Martha Graham whose Acrobats of God
performance at Cornell inspired me to dance

to emulate Fred Astaire swirling Ginger
so smoothly & gracefully around the room

to feel the joy of a child circling
on a carousel horse merrily-go-round

to be Rumi's whirling dervish dancing
Sufi spins in tune with the universe

to celebrate the proton bonding with
the electron for fourteen billion years

whose dancing created the hydrogen atom
and sunshine giving us warmth, light, & life.

        — Peter Y. Chou
            Mountain View, 3-31-2013

Donna Frankel's Dance 04 Final Exam (3-22-2013)
asked "What is your favorite dance? and Why?"
Above poem "I Love to Waltz" was my response,
on Easter Sunday while walking up Palm Drive.