The M Showed Me

The M took me to
a wedding at Cana
where I watched red
heart-shaped mulberry
leaves turn to silk and
morning glories sing
bells of transformation.

The M stretched
the marrow of her bones
and shrank the morrow
of time. She planted
seeds of the macrocosm
in the microcosm and
the muse into music.

The M told me about man—
the measure of all things,
midway between atoms
and the Milky Way.
She taught me about
harmony & wire-walking
the Golden Mean.

The M bathed me
in moonlight and myrrh,
unveiled the mem & mim
of the Hebrews and Arabs,
the mu & m of the Greeks
and Romans. She wove
the sigil of the Virgin.

The M sang the sacredness
of her song from the first
Ma of the babe to the last
Mmm of the dying man.
She carried me through
the mandalas, mantras
and OM's of the yogis.

The M spun
the medicine wheel—
and showed me her
dragon mountaintops,
her phoenix valley spirit
and she taught me how
to spread my wings.

    Peter Y. Chou
    Palo Alto, 6-4-1992