Sufi Spin

From helical DNA
to spiral galaxies
everything is spinning
in this whole universe—

electrons around atoms,
moon orbits the Earth,
Earth orbits the Sun,
Sun around the Milky Way.

There were no microscopes
or telescopes when Rumi
taught the Sufi Spin
to Whirling Dervishes.

Did he discern this spin
in some cosmic vision?
But since Sufi means wool—
perhaps it's the spinning wheel!

When dancing the hustle—
I do the rocking step,
the window, and Sufi Spin,
spinning around four times

to honor four elements
of the ancient Greeks—
air, fire, water, earth,
ending with wisdom mudra

at my heart that Einstein
loves to do— I'm energized
invoking two great sages
while dancing in a trance.

One partner says she can't
catch me when I'm spinning.
I tell her "you're suppose
to catch the universe"

so I spin— turn, turn, turn

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 7-7-2013

Sufi Dancer (1993)
by Peter Y. Chou