"A is for Apple" from Nursery Tracks
Best ABC Alphabet Song

The Letter A: Attention!

Attention, attention, attention!
There is no plural in awareness
so Allah the God who was alone
was lonely and created many gods—

Apollo, Athena, Artemis, Atum,
and continents— Americas, Asia,
Africa, Australia, Antarctica,
and Atom— building block of the universe.

A is the letter of beginnings
leading the parade of alphabets
as well as signs of the Zodiac
with Aries the Ram heralding Spring.

A is for apple— a child's first awareness
in learning the alphabet— it's also
Adam's first lesson in the Garden
attempting to ascend astral planes to

Akashic Records— the ancestral archive
where All-Knowing Mind stores everything—
amino acids forming proteins, amoebas
evolving to amphibians, air keeping us alive.

Did an asteroid cause the sinking of Atlantis?
Did a pebble arouse Ananda's awakening?
Was Avalon the abode of King Arthur?
Read Baudelaire's "The Albatross"—

Aim your arrow to the apex or abyss
for answers to mysteries of the Absolute—
ask Argus adventuring with the Argonauts
and Ali Baba's tale in the Arabian Nights.

We're in awe of art inspiring our heart
and say "Aha!" when our mind takes a leap.
We want A-grade eggs and A's in school
and chant "AUM" to access angelic realms.

Pray to angels for your wish to come true—
if not, call Aladdin's Lamp for aid— Invoke
and chant those magic words that will work—

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 10-27-2014