Perseid meteor blazes in night sky near W-shaped constellation Cassiopeia
Photo by VegaStar Carpenter on August 11, 2012
in Épenay, champagne-Ardenne, France

The Letter W: Wisdom & Wonder

          "Who wishes to walk with me?"
          — Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass (1855), Line 1319

Walking in the woods with William Wordsworth,
Walt Whitman and William Carlos Williams,
I'm awed by these word wizards who take me
to writing wonderlands where winter wolves bark

at white chickens by the red wheelbarrow
wider and wider... wherever and whoever—
This is the happy Warrior, this is He
Who, whether praise of him walks this earth.

The wounded Fisher King's Wasteland waits
for Wonder Woman or White Knight to heal
his kingdom while Wicked Witch of the West
wrestles with the Wizard to control the world.

Walking in Wünderlich Park at Woodside
and the Eagle Trail at Windy Hill, I gather
wildflowers— Woodland Phlox, Watercress,
Whispering Bells to weave a wreath for healing.

Dancing west coast swing to "Wade in Water",
doing Sufi spins of the whirling dervishes,
waltzing with women whose mind-windows
are open to the Mysteries & Wisdom Portal—

wonderful friends along with those who share
Wind in the Willows, "Ode to the West Wind",
and Wen Fu— The Art of Writing, join forces
with Warriors of Light to conquer the darkness.

I call on Wang Yang Ming & Wei Wu Wei—
ask awakened sages on finding the Way—
Focus more on our within than without
as King Wên who saw the Way everywhere.

Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs, Who, Mrs. Which from
A Wrinkle in Time bring me to a wishing well
near a waterfall where Waxing Moon grants me
three wishes when I offer Warm Welcome roses.

Under W-shaped Cassiopeia stars
I wish for wings to inspire my poetry,
wisdom in my heart to do the Great Work,
and wonder to keep my mind fresh every day.

      Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 10-26-2015