"Stars and Dust Pillars in NGC 7822 from WISE"— Processing © Francesco Antonucci
Astronomy Picture of the Day (December 1, 2014); Image Credit: WISE, IRSA, NASA

NGC 7822: Galactic Birth

In a galaxy 3000 light-years away
at the northern constellation Cepheus—
swirls of star dust & pixie dust clouds
are being sculpted into a galactic birth.

At left, stars forming a mountain
shaped like the Platonic Lambda Λ—
Soul of the Universe— Is it here
where everything has its beginning?

At upper-right, waxing crescent moon—
a good time to sow more star seeds.
Count them— twenty sparkling stars to make
wishes so that your dreams may come true.

At the center— a bright Tunnel of Light
seen by those with near-death experience,
claimed by some as mere hallucination,
just dying brain cells of firing neurons.

But NASA's WISE satellite has captured
the Light Tunnel as Hieronymus Bosch did
in his painting Ascent of the Blessed (1490)
where we may be teleported upon dying.

Is it coincidental that the numbers
of NGC 7822 galaxy matches
the 78 cards of the Tarot
and 22 cards of Major Arcana?

A wise old gypsy gives this reading—
Don't be afraid of Yama, Lord of Death
with his shining mirror that recorded
your whole life— just admit your faults.

The Magus sculpts stars with his wand,
Moon says it's propitious time to follow
the Hermit into the River of Light where
the High Priestess welcomes your new birth.

      Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 12-22-2014