Martha Graham & Richard Feynman "Apple: Think Different" Posters
on Foothill College I-11 Middlefield Computer Lab Wall, Palo Alto

Twin Luminaries

She is a dancer.
He's a physicist.
Side by side they grace
the wall of I-11.

Their posters greet me
each day when I come
to work in the Lab
of Foothill College.

She inspired me to dance—
her spirit of wind flows
through me whenever
I ponder on art & poetry.

His chutzpah made me fearless
in research— predicting
protein structures without
the aid of computers.

Both were born on May 11
in the sign of Taurus
and year of the Horse—
she 24 years earlier.

Her dances— pure audacity—
Primitive Mysteries,
Appalachian Spring,
Acrobats of God

His mind— holy curiosity—
quantum electrodynamics,
understanding electrons
and all things mysterious.

Their fingers in wisdom
mudra pose like Einstein's—
perhaps old Bodhisattvas
coming back to illumine us.

Their photos beam on me—
these twin luminaries
with waves of energy—
Martha Graham & Richard Feynman.

      Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 3-23-2015