Pepper Tree 1
Montebello Avenue

"Lion of Courage"
on Bark of Pepper Tree 1

Pepper Tree 2
Montebello Avenue

Platonic Lambda Λ
Branch (closeup)

Moments to Cherish

Zipoli's Elevazione is playing on KDFC
a day after my best friend Connie died—
this music was one of her favorites.

Emails from Cay, Susan, and Anita
consoling me of Connie's passing—
good friends are our real treasures.

Waverley Writers poets liked
Mary Oliver's "When Death Comes"
& my reading of poem honoring Connie.

Columbia friend Richard sends email
on "Aerial Views from Drones"—
Now I have bird's-eye view!

Cornell & Brandeis friend Steve
& housemate in Cambridge sends
email of visit to Paris Opera House

reminding me of similar visit
from Dad in 1979 where we
had cup of coffee at Café Paix.

Breakfast with Al and Robert
discussing sacred geometry
and secrets of the Freemasons.

Autumn maple leaves scattered
everywhere in my neighborhood—
here's one to share with a friend.

Mac computers not removed from
Foothill Krause Center saved me
trips to new Sunnyvale campus.

This Labradoodle gazed at me
by Shoreline Safeway's door
with such soulful eyes.

Two Pepper Trees greet me
each day on Montebello Ave—
"Lion of Courage" & "Platonic Λ".

Gratitude time at Thanksgiving—
and PB's postcard in his bedroom
of Millet's L'Angelus warms my heart.

  — Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 12-9-2016

Air Pano: Dubai Aerial Skyline

Steve: Chagall Ceiling
inside Paris Opera House

Dad & Me (1979)
Paris Opera House

Colorful Maple Leaf


Millet's L'Angelus