David Massolo, Trees at Versailles (2015), Gallery 9, Los Altos
Palo Alto Daily News, December 25, 2015, page 41

Trees at Versailles

Forty conifer trees trimmed smoothly
in the Platonic Lambda Λ shape that
Plato called "Soul of the Universe"—
Love that moves the sun & other stars.

There are prettier flower gardens
in these palatial grounds of kings,
but nowhere an array of energy
gathered before you can be found.

40— the symbol of transformation—
40 days of rain in Noah's Ark for cleansing,
God's message to Moses on Mount Sinai,
Satan's temptation of Christ in the desert.

What transformation awaits you now?—
Chant "Om Narayana" to thank the Lord
of the Universe for giving you birth
to experience the beauty of it all

or stroll slowly in solitude & silence
between these conical sentinels
as if the central lane here is your
Yellow Brick Road to the Wizard

or dance down the aisle swirling each tree
as your partner like in contra-dancing
or the Virginia Reel in celebration—
Oh, the wonder of joy! the love of life!

  — Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 1-2-2016