Mount Shasta Vision Quest: July 24-30, 1989
Surprise Lunch with Two Feathered Friends

      Hammond's Flycatcher eating sunflower seeds from
          Peter's hand at Mt. Shasta camp base, 7-28-1989

"He Ye! He Ye! He Ye! He Ye! He Ye!"
Six students in Nina's journal class chant
to Mt. Shasta, holding our hands in a circle
asking the Spirit to bless our vision quest.

Medicine Man Charlie Thom "Redhawk"
conducts a sweat-lodge ceremony and
tells me there's no Indian Bible, picking
up a handful of dirt— "Our Bible is

Mother Earth and Father Sky as well as
the wind, the trees, the birds— all part
of the Great Spirit." On the fourth day,
I walk into a forest of tall Douglas firs

and sit on a log for lunch, arranging
twelve sunflower seeds in a circle nearby.
"Treep-treep-treep"— two gray and white
Hammond's flycatchers peck them away.

Now I place raisins and sunflower seeds
on my left hand— the birds take turns
flying on my palm, my fingers as their
landing strip. WOW! I feel so blessed.

One journal writer Robin on seeing this,
thought I was Saint Francis, and left her
journal on the rock, which we recovered
the next day. I don't know if these birds

trailed me to our base camp, for one
flycatcher flies on my palm again
and Virginia snapped a photo of
the birds and me in harmony.

  — Peter Y. Chou
       Mountain View, 9-12-2017
       Recounting event of 7-27-1989

Charlie Thom "Red Hawk"
Mt. Shasta Medicine Man
talking to our Journal group

Participated in Sweat Lodge Ceremony
conducted by Hurak Elder "Red Hawk"
at Mt. Shasta Medicine Walk (July 1989)

Close-up of bird eating from
Peter's hand (July 28, 1989)

Hammond's Flycatcher
flew to my hand during hike
for raisins & sunflower seeds