Fallen Advocate Tree at Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, Aptos, California
Photographed by Dan Coyro, Santa Cruz Sentinel (1-21-2017)

The Advocate Tree

Fire, earthquake, logging
didn't bring it down
but the January 16
rainstorm toppled it.

Like a good friend
gone— many hikers
cried their eyes out,
placing roses at its base.

Angels were seen
resting on the treetop
but with its demise,
where are they now?

Of all giant redwoods
on many hikes, this
was my all-time
favorite tree.

At Old Growth Loop
in Forest of Nisene
Marks State Park
on Sept. 6, 2009

I just marvelled at
this giant soaring
263 feet high with
45 feet circumference.

Its 18 feet Goosepen
is shaped like the
Platonic Lambda Λ
"Soul of the Universe".

It's 1000 years old—
born at the same time
as sage Chou Tun-yi
in 1017 whose motto

is "Sincerity is the
foundation of sagehood"
and I treasure my time
in the Advocate Tree

as if I'm inside
a cathedral looking
at heaven feeling
wisdom & blessings.

All things must die
but the Advocate Tree
lives burning brightly
in my innermost heart.

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, 1-21-2017

Advocate Tree Soaring to the Skies
on September 6, 2009 hike (4:44-5:00 pm)

18 feet tall Goosepen shaped
like the Platonic Lambda Λ

Inside Advocate Tree's Goosepen
resembling Platonic Λ & Mandorla