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Above & Beyond Video

Project-Based Learning Collaboration
Above & Beyond Video

Charlie & Maya's Finish Line Victory
Above & Beyond Video

Above & Beyond

For Project-Based Learning class,
assigned to watch Above & Beyond
video and our reaction to this story.

First impression was "Rah! Rah! Rah!
Hurray!" for Charlie & Maya designing
a car that could fly and won the race.

Is not "Above & Beyond" better
than "Below & Staying Still"?
Keep moving ahead faster & faster.

But there's another calling from sages
and enlightened masters— When asked
"What is your star?" Chung Gang

dropped to his knees and felt around
the floor. Mang Gong said to him
"You have truly become a Buddha."

In The Inner Reaches of Outer Space,
Joseph Campbell cites Hindu sages
on finding transcendence within.

A Bombay organizer of Picnic Races
for Chinmaya Mission asked for advice,
Swami Chinmayananda wrote back—

"Medals for winners, medals for losers—
food aplenty for attendees, gifts for parents
and children— let everyone leave happy!"

The truck is going places—
above and beyond, but I'm staying
home right here residing within.

        Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 5-24-2018

Above & Beyond Video (2011)

When asked "What is your star?"
Chung Gang search around the floor

Joseph Campbell's Inner
Reaches of Outer Space

Swami Chinmayananda