Stonehenge, Manhattanhenge—
and now— Montecitohenge.
Sun blazing down Jewell Place
blinding my eyes as I pace

toward Rengstorff Ave on hour
walk to ballroom dancing in July.
New Age groups came to Stonehenge
on Summer Solstice to watch sunrise.

Crowds gather for Manhattanhenge
on May 29-30 and July 12-13
seen best at 34th and 42nd Street
as it's 30o off for Solstice viewing.

One summer the Ionians
saw Socrates standing still
gazing at the Sun lost in
thought from sunrise to sunrise.

Likewise, Dante says Beatrice's
pure heart lets her stare steadily
at the Sun like an eagle's gaze
on light of a thousand splendors.

"Give thanks, give thanks" Beatrice tells
Dante as they enter the Sun's sphere.
May I do as well letting the Sun's
bright warm rays wash over me.

Sun's blessings will make my feet
lighter when I dance tonight—
Will my partners feel this bliss
as I swirl them around the room

like Fred Astaire waltzing Ginger?
No need to mention others—
Enjoy this moment— merging
with the Sun's luminous Oneness.

      Peter Y. Chou
      Mountain View, 7-11-2018

Summer Solstice
Sunrise at Stonehenge

42nd Street

Mountain View, 7-2-2018

Mountain View, 6-28-2018