White Dog on Montebello Ave

The white dog behind the iron gate
at Montebello Ave barks at dogs,
people passing by, and me too.

So I chant "Peace be with you—
Om shanti shanti shanti"
and now
he's quiet when I stop by to pray

to "Soul of the Universe" in
the Platonic Lambda Pepper Tree
next door— "The Soul creates us,

sustains us and nourishes us.
Blessings from the Soul— Origin
of all things— Blessings for all."

The white dog watches me while I pray—
and I wonder whether it's an albino
St. Bernard or Maremma Sheep Dog.

A friend says "It's a Golden Retriever."
Today his owner Patricia came out
to bring him indoors, and we chat.

I ask her what kind of dog is it?
She tells me "It's a Clumber Spaniel,
tame hunting dog from Great Britain.

His name is Wilber with an "e"
my boy gave him that name."
Tell her he no longer barks at me.

I pet Wilber fondly on the head
as he looks at me with soulful eyes—
He's my friend on this "Beautiful Mountain".

        Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 8-21-2018

White Dog Behind Iron Gate
276 Montebello Ave

Platonic Lambda Λ Pepper Tree
272 Montebello Ave, Mountain View

White Dog Behind Iron Gate
is Wilber— a Clumber Spaniel