Aladdin's Lamp & Magic Carpet

Seeing Aladdin at Shoreline Theatre—
a live-action film remake of earlier
animation movie on last day of June.

Aladdin and his pet monkey steal goods
in the marketplace and are so agile
leaping buildings to evade their captors.

He retrieves magic lamp inside a cave—
the Genie makes him a prince and with
a flying magic carpet, he woos the princess.

After the movie, she takes me for a walk
at Shoreline Lake Park where we see a creek
below the bridge and redwing blackbirds.

Instead of going to Sweet Tomatoes,
she surprises me by cooking dinner
at her apartment in Los Altos Hills.

She escorts me up a steep hill as if
entering a Queen's Castle, and I feel
the temple of God dwelling in me.

Spinach salad with shrimps & fruit chunks,
six fried pot stickers, ice almond milk,
and for dessert— tapioca pudding,

playing Disney tunes on her piano,
singing Aladdin's "I can show you the world",
viewing mountains of Fremont from her porch.

Now, the song of the sages wake me up—
Better than magic carpet ride to somewhere,
the whole world is in us & we're everywhere.

                Peter Y. Chou
                Mountain View, 7-4-2019