Mountain and The Well

Mountain is masculine—
thrusting up to Father Sky

The Well is feminine—
diving deep to Mother Earth

Mountain is visible—
towering the landscape

The Well is invisible—
dark and mysterious

Mountain is like the day
basking in the sunlight

The Well is like the night
telescoping the stars

Mountain is home of Zeus
where nine Muses are dancing

The Well is home of Hades
Underworld King of the dead

Gods inhabit mountain tops
closest point to heaven

Demons dwell inside wells
some say is the place of hell

Climb every mountain...
Till you find your dream

Snow White at Wishing Well
found the Prince of her dream

Birds fly to the mountain
where the air is pure & fresh

Fairies go to ancient wells
for living water that heals

Contemplate up the Mountain—
found the light of my childhood

Trees are Wells above ground
lifting water out of the earth

Praying to trees on my walks
communing to Wishing Wells

Well is Yin, Mountain is Yang
The Tao embraces them both

Peter Y. Chou
Mountain View, 1-25-2019