Secret of the Shamrock

St. Patrick held a shamrock for one & all to see
But there were few who knew its hidden mystery—
Three leaves on a clover, joined onto a stem,
Behold the pure wonder of this priceless gem.

Some say it symbolizes the Holy Trinity
Helping us realize the Glorious Unity.
They say it's the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
But it's really rather One and none of those.

To some the Holy Trinity appears somewhat odd,
To others it is simply the mysteries of God.
But St. Patrick unveiled to one & all the key,
And the shamrock whispered its secret to me—

"Green is the center with three colors on each side
Of the rainbow welcoming springtime as its bride.
Ice is not a liquid, and liquid is not steam,
Waking is not sleeping, and sleep is not a dream.

Ice, liquid, and vapor are all made of H2O,
Waking-Dreaming-Sleeping— a great cosmic show.
The Lord is Three-in-One, the also One-in-Three,
Ye shall know the Truth & That shall make ye free!"

                  — Peter Y. Chou
                      Worcester, 3-17-1980
                      on Saint Patrick's Day