Talks with Ramana (1968)
By M. S. Venkataramiah

Paul Brunton's
Notebooks (1984)

Marsilio Ficino (1997)
Letters on the Soul
Joseph Campbell (1988)
The Power of Myth

Alone But Not Lonely

A friend asks if I'm lonely
sheltered-at-home, nowhere to go—
computer labs and libraries closed
in this coronavirus pandemic.

Seeing sages serene and still
even amidst lots of action,
I try to be likewise— alone
but not lonely in these times.

No television, computer,
cell-phone, credit card, or a car,
yet I'm happy without these toys
to keep me busy and content.

KDFC's classical music
lifts up my spirit, Renoir's paintings—
a visual delight, poems by Rilke
and Rumi— always nourishing.

My mind takes flight while reading
Ramana's Talks, PB's Notebooks,
Ficino's Letters on the Soul and
Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth.

Emails from world's foremost futurist,
greetings from Dalai Lama's best friend,
new paintings from best graphic artist,
essays from a happiness mentor,

surprise emails from long-lost friends
that we are all linked together
like Net of Indra in our flight
from alone to the Alone.

    — Peter Y. Chou
        Mountain View, 4-27-2020

KDFC 104.9 FM

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Dance at Bougival (1883)

Rainer Maria Rilke
Austria 1049 (1976)

Rumi (1207-1273)