Romania 1673:
George Enescu

(issued 9-5-1964)

Cabin Fever?

Hoyt Smith plays music
of Georges Enescu's
"Romania Rhapsody"
the whole family
could get up & dance
to in these dark times
our dread of disease
spreading everywhere—
Music will bring cheers
like a sublime breeze
sweeping away fears
to brighten our days.


China 741: Confucius
(issued 8-27-1947)

Be Watchful

Live in such a way
that your actions
are visible to all.

That's why Confucius said
"The superior man is
watchful when he's alone.

Good karma follows
wherever you go—
in this life & beyond.

That's why the sage
weathers all the storms
being always at peace.

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 3-28-2020