Initiation Time

Exam question: "What is initiation time?"
"Protocols in spiritual traditions"
I answered, but the instructor wants more
details, provide some concrete examples.

Recalled Elisabeth Haich's Initiation
an autobiographical account of her
past life as a young Egyptian priestess
mentored by the High Priest Ptahhotep.

Egyptians pray to the radiant Sun-God Ra,
The Taoists polish their Uncarved Block,
Confucians burn incense to their ancestors,
Hindus pray to the Elephant-God Ganesha.

Platonists find the many in the one,
Pythagoreans listen to Music of the Spheres,
Buddhists follow 8-Fold Path to mindfulness,
Zen students crack koans on one hand clapping.

Sufis spin circles in Whirling Dervish dance,
Jews illumine themselves studying the Kabbalah,
Christians count rosaries— Hail Mary, full of grace,
Freemasons excel in the compass and square.

Black Elk does Ghost Dance for the Great Spirit,
Shamans sizzle hot rocks in the Sweat Lodge,
Yogis seek bliss state chanting Om Narayana,
Ramana cites Psalms: Be still & know I am God.

Forgot what the Zoroastrians do, when
the instructor says "The exam is over."
Despite all I had written, my paper was
a blank— then POOF!— it was all a dream!

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 1-25-2020, 1:11 am

Elisabeth Haich (1897-1994)
Initiation (1965)

Egyptians worship
Sun-God Ra

Hindus pray to
Elephant-God Ganesha