Letter F: Fire! Fire! Fire!

Pascal in Flames
Vision: Nov. 23, 1654

Buddha in Flames
Sermon: circa 530 B.C.

Atomic Blast in Flames
July 16, 1945

"Fire! Fire! Fire!": Pascal's Fire Vision,
Buddha's Fire Sermon— "Everything
is burning!"— the ego in flames—
Forget and forgive to be free.

Found the fountain in Florence
with help of the falcon's feather—
Visit fine arts at the Ufizzi,
the Fox & Ficino are your friends.

Focus, focus, focus— Be firm—
Fame and fortune not favored
for you to see your first face
before your parents were born.

Page fifty-five of Finnegans Wake
forgotten fact of first fellow
Fennyana factferreters
fallen in fire-leaved Irish Field.

Five— fifth Fibonacci number—
find form & function of fibrin,
butterfly flutter by in day,
flood of fireflies at night.

Federico Fellini's film—
not fast and furious but fable
and fantasy— far far away
fade out of flowers flowing.

Fennel, fir trees in forest fields,
The Fool fell playing the fiddle,
juggling Fate and Free Will
at the family festival.

Los Alamos atomic fire
seen by Fermi and Feynman—
Fortitude with faith in fairies
embrace the feminine Spirit

of the Valley— feel fabulous
no more fear of fight or flight.
This is your fullness forever—
May the Force be with you!

— Peter Y. Chou
    Mountain View, 9-7-2020