Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
Genesis 32: 22-32 (1739 BC)

Joshua & Battle of Jericho
Joshua 6:1-27 (1451 BC)

Jonah Swallowed by Whale
Jonah 1:17 (862 BC)

The Letter J: Jacob, Joshua, Jonah

Jacob wrestling with the Angel,
Joshua in the Battle of Jericho,
Jonah swallowed by the whale,
better than Jason & Golden Fleece.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem—
betrayed by Judas, loved by John,
crucified as "King of the Jews",
saved by Joseph of Arimathea.

Saint Jerome translated the Bible,
Scott Joplin composed ragtime jazz,
Al Jolson made first talkie movie,
Erica Jong wrote in her journals.

Two J's in their names— James Joyce,
John Jay, Jesse James, Jesse Jackson,
Jasper Johns, and Janis Joplin—
Judge Judy called them for jury duty.

Jumping Jack from Jack-in-the-Box
surprise for jaguar in the jungle.
She won the lottery jackpot,
her jade jewelry made them jealous.

Jains count beads while doing japa,
I solve Jumble's anagram & pun
like a jigsaw puzzle every day—
jack rabbit jumps out when I jog.

Mick Jagger has no satisfaction
till he makes a journey to Jupiter,
Beatles' "Hey Jude" 9 weeks on top,
Jeremiah is the Bible's longest book.

Having a cup of jasmine tea
with jelly jam on Jewish rye
under a jumbo juniper tree—
Blue Jay is coming in July.

Disc-jockey's song on the jukebox,
Jean asks me to dance the jitterbug,
Dante invites me to Rome's Jubilee,
joining him in June will bring me joy!

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 9-14-2020