Al Kaline
1954 Topps #201 Card
(399 lifetime homers)

Ralph Kiner
Topps 1953 #191
(369 lifetime homers)

Harmon Killebrew
1955 Topps #124 Card
(573 lifetime homers)

The Letter K: Kaline, Kiner, Killebrew

Knock! Knock!— Who's there?
Kris Kringle bringing gifts to kids
through the front door instead of down
the chimney— how kind of you to come.

King Kong karate chops Hong Kong
with knockout punch like Krakatoa—
Superman weakened by kryptonite
is too late for help. Where's Godzilla?

Keter is the crown of Kabbalah—
top Sephirot of superconsciousness,
beyond the intellect, emanating all
knowledge that is manifested below.

Two K's in their names— Ken Kesey,
Kublai Khan and Killer Kowalski—
drinking keg of kiwi & kumquat juice
by Oregon's kindred Klamath Falls.

Artists Klee, Kandinsky, Kokoschka,
Musicians Kern, Kreisler, von Karajin,
Poets von Kleist, Keats, Stanley Kunitz,
Philosophers Kant and Kierkegaard

have joined scientists Kepler, Kekulé,
Krebs, Kornberg, & Polykarp Kusch
to crack the koans & "Katz!" shouts
of Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn.

Baseball ace Sandy Koufax strikes out
sluggers Al Kaline, Kiner, Killebrew,
as Jean-Claude Killy skis downhill
to three Olympic Gold Medals.

Keratin and ketones for chemists,
kites & kittens for kindergarten kids,
keep your kundalini chakras awake,
kned the kinks in your karma—

Knight Templars missed Holy Grail,
Maxine Kumine made a prairie with
a single bee and Emily's reverie—
key to kingdom is a goodnight's kiss.

      — Peter Y. Chou
          Mountain View, 9-15-2020